Ultimate Kettlebell Bundle

White-label kettlebell exercise bundle for coaches, athletes and content creators.

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The »Ultimate Kettlebell Bundle« is a set of high quality assets that will help you or your customers get started with the famous and efficient kettlebells. The assets that we provide are white-labeled, which means you can brand them as your own and even resell them. Of cause, you can also directly use the content for your workouts.

The »Ultimate Kettlebell Bundle«, contains the following high quality assets:

How can you use this bundle?

There are so many great options on what you can do with this bundle and here are a few examples:

  • Create your own workout eBooks, Kindle books, PDF reports etc.
  • Create your own mobile application
  • Create your own kettlebell workout wall charts
  • Publish articles to magazines and blogs
  • Create your own kettlebell workout of the day subscription service

In addition, the graphics on their own have numerous uses:

  • Book Covers
  • Posters
  • Web Pages
  • Newspaper/Magazine Ads
  • Infographics
  • Product packaging
  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Signs
  • Much, much more….


We are making this package available on the following terms:

✓ Use for print and web publishing
✓ Edit, rename, rebrand
✓ Alter images
✓ Bundle with other products
✓ Use for eCourse Material
✓ Use for eBook content
✓ Use for mobile application content
✓ Give away the 3 “example workouts” listed as free introductory product

✕ Sell Resale Rights
✕ Sell Master Resale Rights
✕ Sell Private Label Rights
✕ Add to Free Membership Sites
✕ Resell or give away this bundle for free
✕ Sell via Online Auction Sites


Ultimate Kettlebell Bundle

Grab the »Ultimate Kettlebell Bundle« today and get the following assets bundled together:

  • eBook containing 41 fully brandable kettlebell exercise instructions
  • Full collection of vector graphics
  • Three eBooks with example routines for different levels of experience
  • All-in-one eBook bundling all other eBooks and graphics together
  • Banner package containing 10 banner templates

Exercise routines

These eBooks offer you:

  • Kettle introduction and background
  • Safety and suggested kettlebell sizes
  • Objective of the workout
  • The details of the workout routine: exercises, no. of reps/time and no. of circuits to complete
  • Exercise and muscle group images accompanying the descriptions for each exercise in the routine

Beginner routine

Exercise routine for beginner level

Intermediate routine

Exercise routine for intermediate level

Advanced routine

Exercise routine for advanced level

More eBooks

12 week weight loss routine

An eBook providing a kettlebell workout over 12 weeks to reduce weight.

Workout Package

A package containing workout guides for the following sports:

  • Basketball

  • Cycling

  • MMA

  • Rugby

  • Running

  • Soccer

  • Tennis

  • Volleyball